About One More Crystal


Hello, my name is Nicole and I'm the founder of One More Crystal.

My passion for crystals started at the very young age of 5 when I first started my crystal collection with a tumbled green strawberry quartz crystal. From that day on I continued to grow my collection adding a new piece here and there until November of 2019 when I found myself buying my first crystal book. That's when it all clicked, I finally understood why I was so drawn to these beautiful rocks and I started using them with purpose.

My eyes were truly opened to the crystal world and I had never been so excited before. I quickly realized there was so much I wanted to learn but there were no local options to shop crystals in person and that's when One More Crystal was born.

I slowly started sourcing crystals in small batches around the world and in April of 2020 I put a display shelf up in my salon for the crystals. What started off slow quickly gained momentum and before I knew it I had to expand and add a second much larger shelf.

As my high vibe tribe continues to grow around the world I have decided to launch One More Crystal online so everyone has a chance to grow their collection no matter where you are from.

Although my salon is no longer open, my crystals are found in many local stores for those who wish to shop in person and my Instagram DM's are always open for anyone who wants to chat about crystals.